Truffle – valued sort of mushroom, aristocrat of the Mushroom Kingdom, it is a costly delicacy. In the world truffles are sold in high - class restaurants, they consider these mushrooms as something special and they are able to cook and hand it, buying it for 3000 and more per kilogram. Currently, truffle price is between 400 and 4000 per kilogram, depending on its type, variety, class and quality. Record high price was recognized in one of the auction in 2007:  330 thousand dollars of nearly 1.5 kg heavy truffle.


Tuber Magnatum
Tuber Melanosporum
Tuber Uncinatum

Truffle kingdom rule three: the first is the white truffle (Tuber Magnatum), the second one, its eternal rival – the black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) and the summer black truffle (Tuber Uncinatum). It grows in forest, forms mycorrhiza with tree roots.Reticulate threads in mycelium of mushroom cover host plant roots, it helps to get more moisture and also protects microbal diseases. The picture of fruiting body cross – section reminds a marble. Due to the large truffle shortage, the Europena programme in cooperation of France, Belgian, German, Italian and others universities was developed manageable mycorrhiza making it possible to create a truffle farm in areas with oak and hazel favorable growing conditions.


The potential return in 10 years old garden – 90kg/truffles per ha. It all depends on the weather and care of trees. On average, after the first 5 years the return is 4-5 kg / ha. In the next 5 years – up to 40 kg/ha, and in next 15 years – stable 40 kg/ha with potential of up to 90kg/ha. Plants start to pay off in 5 – 6 growing year and in the next seven years significantly increase incomes.


Low yield in the first cultivation periods is explained to the fact that the plants root system is still underdeveloped, also mushrooms, which are developing on it, are few, so later: the bigger the root, the greater the yield. On average, one seedling return is between 800 and 9000. Mycelium, main part of mushroom body, lives about 30 years and if none destroy it, then it makes spore – containing fruiting bodies regularly, which is necessary for further multiplication, at the same time without affecting the growth of the trees.


Seedling with truffle mycorrhiza is an assistant to nature, a great gift for a gardener, landlords have a chance to invest for the future development and unconditional business idea in agriculture.



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