Tuber magnatum mycorrhize




Tuber Mag­natum some­times called "White truffle" or "Alba white truffle" and is an ex­cel­lent del­i­catessen. Tuber Mag­natum was de­scribed and named by Pico in 1788, from the latin mag­natus as a ref­er­ence to great men and lords.



There are the lot of host forest species of Tuber Mag­natum, but the most known and used is the pubescent oak.




Tuber Mag­natum has an in­com­pa­rable flavour and a be­witching aroma.


Tuber Magnatum Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion:




Nursery have worked for nu­merous years on my­c­or­rhizal de­vel­op­ment with Tuber mag­natum and from the year of 2000 have ob­tained my­c­or­rhiza of this truffle species.


In 1997 France National Institute for Agronomic Research signed, in as­so­ci­a­tion with Apro­truffe, a re­search con­tract re­lating to the de­vel­op­ment of a new pro­ce­dure with the aim to con­trol the pro­cess of my­c­or­rhizal de­vel­op­ment for the pro­duc­tion of Tuber mag­natum. Within the frame­work of this re­search in 2002 pro­ce­dure for my­c­or­rhizal de­vel­op­ment with Tuber mag­natum has been set up by Gérard CHEVA­LIER and Chantal DUPRE from the re­search unit: Im­prove­ment and plant health from the France re­search centre in Cler­mont-Fer­rand –Theix. This pro­ce­dure and the methods of con­trol­ling my­c­or­rhizal de­vel­op­ment, re­quired com­pli­men­tary work to lead to a re­li­able method for pro­ducing a large scale of my­c­or­rhizal plants with Tuber mag­natum, in 2004 with the agree­ment of the as­so­ci­a­tion Apro­truffe Nurs­eries and France National institute for Agricultural Research have de­cided to col­lab­o­rate within the frame­work of a re­search and de­vel­op­ment pro­ject. The aim of this pro­gramme is to in­crease the ef­fi­ciency of the my­c­or­rhizal de­vel­op­ment by the white Truffle (Tuber mag­natum) at the lab­o­ra­tory and then at a pro­duc­tive nursery and to val­i­date the my­c­or­rhizal de­vel­op­ment of Tuber mag­natum in ex­per­i­mental truffle beds on my­c­or­rhizal plants pro­duced under the France National Institute for Agronomic Research pro­ce­dure.
The joint achieve­ment of re­search and de­vel­op­ment work have en­abled a no­table in­crease in the ef­fi­ciency of my­c­or­rhizal de­vel­op­ment of Tuber mag­natum, nursery de­cided to adopt a li­cense on the France National Institute for Agronomic Research pro­ce­dure in order to be able to ex­ploit it starting in the season 2008-2009.

So, from Au­tumn 2009, we have been able to offer to our cus­tomers: TRUFFLE PLANTS my­c­or­rhizal with Tuber mag­natum pro­duced under li­cense and mon­i­tored by France National Institute for Agronomic Research.



The Quality of truffle plants:


As men­tioned in the truffle plants sec­tion, this is a highest quality plants pro­duced in the France nursery via tech­niques, de­vel­opped within the ISO 9001 stan­dard and li­censed by France National Institute for Agronomic Research.





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