Truffle - the most expensive and mysterious delicacy in world culinary. Truffles compensate itself with a unique taste and bright, incomparable aroma than appereance. They have a deep mushroom flavor of roasted sunflower seeds or walnuts , and they have a strong smell of strong character and also truffles are a real wild viagra. Alexandre Dumas is not only a writer but also a famous culinary and he already wrote about truffles properties as aphrodisiacs: “They may in certain circumstances make a woman softer and a man - more than hot.


What is truffles?

Truffles they are mushrooms with soft ground fertile bodies. Truffles grow in temperate climate zones of both hemispheres in oak and beech stands. You can find truffles in southern France and northern Italy, Eastern Europe and even in the Moscow region. Truffles ripen in underground to a depth of 30 cm, which makes a gourmet look for new ways of obtaining. The way how to cultivate truffles was only discovered in the 21st century. Truffles surprise itself with outer beauty, mostly it reminds tubers of potatoes. Truffles weight can reach up to kilogram, but there are also some small specimens which have the size of peas. The most valuable truffle species - white truffles and black truffles. Only these mushrooms can be proud of its famous "truffle" flavor.


Why truffles have so tasty smell?


Truffles have chosen their strategies for survival on our planet. These mushrooms choose to hide under the ground. However, to save it species, truffles need to proliferate. So that it couldbe done, they got their own special scent that served them for animal attraction. Truffle smell is useful for animals as viagra. Everyone eat them: insects, birds and mammals. While eating, truffle spores get into the new soil with the required amount of fertilizer. For proliferating also help air and water. Man has learned to use to their advantage animal weakness for truffles. Since ancient times to people have helped to make truffles, pigs, dogs and even ... brown bears!


Who first dug up truffles?

According to historical sources, truffle valuable properties noticed Sumerians. The ancient Greeks and Romans these mushrooms endowed with healing properties. Truffle origin has not been opened a long time. Plutarch believed that truffles are "an underground gas products." Medieval alchemists and illusionists thought that truffles have magical abilities. However, a realistic recognition of the mushroom as delicacy happened in time of Luis XIV. During “The Sun King” time the truffles were handed with a small culinary arts, but always with fresh flowers.Russialearned abouttruffles in year 1812. Enjoying a French delicacy, enterprising farmers found similar mushrooms in some provinces of Russia. In Moscow suburbs truffles grew up till the early twentieth century.



About what truffles were highly valued in group of famous adventurers?

Truffles - A powerful aphrodisiac that makes gourmet to rush for love adventures. Casanova, Napoleon, Byron, Madame de Pompadour - this is an incomplete list of celebrities whose menus did not stay without truffles. According to the latest scientific data, truffles secrete pheromones. Volatile substances are inhaled and enter the brain that controls emotion and sensuality. The “Natural Viagra” - so called French truffles the fashion founders - exquisite and unusual delicacy.




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