Tuber Magnatum


White truffle. One of the least frequently occurring truffles, therefore, it is the most valuable. They are distributed in Europe as well as Russia. In Northern regions it grows in sandy and loamy soil on the roots of deciduous trees, also on the roots of pine trees, but the most valued and the highest quality truffles grow on hazels. White truffles are harvested from August to November. Truffles, which are harvested later, fruiting bodies are bigger and with better quality. White truffles grow in various sizes – it can be as little as a walnut, and ending with the big fist of size 5 -12 cm in diameter. Fruiting bodies of white truffle are flat and rounded, with yellowish or brownish fibrious surface, which in the end becomes as a felt. The body is congeneric white, powdery, like potatoes, by the time it becomes marble of tendon covering colorless borders, matured they remain yellowish brown. Depending on their origin and seasonal yield, the price can go up to 4000 euro per kilogram.




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