Tuber Melanosporum


Black truffles (Tuber Melanosporum). Underground fruiting bodies, tuberous, round or irregular in shape, 3-9 cm in diameter. Fruit surface is reddish brown, which later becomes coal – black. When pressed, the surface remains with rusty shade. The surface iscovered withmany smallundulations. The pulp is firm, at the beginning it is bright, grey or pink with white or reddish marble picture in cross – section, by the time it gets darker – in dark brown, black or purple colour. It has a strong characteristic aroma and pleasant taste with a slightly bitter relish. It makes mycorrhiza with oak, rarely with other decidious trees. It grows in deciduous forests in the soil range from a few centimeters up to half a meter in depth. Mostly found in France and central Italy. In France the famous black truffle is found in all regions. The strong mushroom smell attracts feral pigs which dig fruiting bodies and contribute the spread of spores. Because in truffle spore live larvae of red flies but adult insects often dig over the land to find them - it can be used to find fruiting bodies. Season: November to March, the harvest usually happens during the first few months. This sort price amounts more than 1,000€ per kilogram.





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