Tuber aestivum mycorrhize



Tuber Aes­tivum (the Truffle):

The Tuber Aes­tivum is some­times called "Summer truffle" or Saint John's truffle be­cause its ma­tu­rity pe­riod oc­curs be­tween May and Au­gust.

The Tuber Aes­tivum was de­scribed by Vit­ta­dini in 1831, from the latin aes­tivus = es­tival




Var­ious host species can live in sym­biosis with the truffle, the most known is the truffle oak.
The outer layer is black and the in­side of the truffle varies from beige to brown, even grey and has ivory stripes (a clear or white in­side indi­cates a lack of ma­tu­rity).
Tuber aes­tivum is a fine al­tern­tive for del­i­catessens during the summer.


The quality of truffle plants:


As men­tioned in the truffle plants sec­tion, this is a highest quality plants pro­duced in the France nursery via tech­niques de­vel­opped within the ISO 9001 stan­dard and li­censed by France National Institute for Agronomic Research.

Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion de Tuber aes­tivum:



My­c­or­rhized truffle plants with the summer truffle are avail­able in GR430 con­tainers.



Below is a list of the 3 host species of­fered for the truffle plants my­c­chorized with the summer truffle:

  • CARPINUS be­tulus – Common Horn­beam
  • QUERCUS ilex – Green Oak
  • QUERCUS pubescens – White Oak




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