Tuber melanosporum mycorrhize



The Black truffle (Tuber Me­lanosporum) is a del­i­catessen some­times called "the black di­a­mond" for its inim­itable flavour and also for its price.Vit­ta­dini de­scribed the Tuber Me­lanosporum in 1831, from the Greek me­lanos = black and spora = spore, me­lanosporum = with black spores




The lot of forest host species can live in sym­biosis with the black truffle, such as the truffle oaks and the truffle hazel trees. On the ma­jority of parcels we have ob­served more fre­quent ap­pear­ance of 'brulés (burned area) very marked and spec­tac­ular.




Known since An­tiq­uity, in France it still re­mainds the essen­tial jewel of Christmas and New Year's meals as well as gourmet menus.


The Quality of truffle plants:


As men­tioned in the truffle plants sec­tion, this is a highest quality plants pro­duced in the France nursery via tech­niques, de­vel­opped within the ISO 9001 stan­dard and li­censed by France National Institute for Agronomic Research.




My­c­or­rhized truffle plants with the black truffle are avail­able in con­tainers of 4 dif­ferent sizes:


  •  R 430 cm3
  •  R 600 cm3
  •  R 1.5 l
  •  R 3 l




Host species avail­able for the My­c­or­rhized truffle plants with the black truffle :

The 2 host truffle tree species that are the most used and known are the truffle oaks and the hazel nut truffle trees. Beside these two species, we of­fers other host species in order to be best adapted to the dif­ferent con­di­tions. Below is a list of all the host species of­fered for the my­c­chorized truffle plants with the black truffle:


  • CE­DRUS at­lantica – Atlas Cedar
  • CARPINUS be­tulus – Common Horn­beam
  • QUERCUS coc­cifera – Kermes Oak
  • QUERCUS ilex – Ev­er­green Oak
  • QUERCUS pubescens – White Oak
  • QUERCUS robur – Pe­doncular Oak
  • CISTUS al­bidus – Cistus Snow­fire
  • CO­RYLUS avel­lana – Common Hazel
  • CO­RYLUS colurna – Turkish Hazel
  • PINUS halepensis – Alepo Pine
  • PINUS nigra aus­triaca – Aus­trian Black Pine
  • TILIA cor­data – Lime - small leaved




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